Getting Started

This is Aikido class for beginners run by Hachioji-shi Aikido Association.
We aim to gain popularity of Aikido among Hachioji-shi though lessons.

For non-Japanese speakers

Lessons are held in Japanese, but Some teacher can speak English.

How to Join?

If you are interested in lessons, please contact us via Facebook message or E-mail address <>.

Who's Teachers

Black-belt members in Hachioji-shi Aikido Association will teach in the lesson, teacher changes each week and schedule will be announced to members.


Lessons are held every Saturday evening.
Schedule is changed sometimes, we are sharing schedule using Google Calendar.
Normal schedule is:

  • 18:15-19:00 For Kids
  • 19:00-20:00 For Adults

Since we are using public space for lessons, schedule sometimes changes. Changes will be announced to members though this page.


We are using Dojo in Hachioji-shi Minamino Junior High School for lesson.

Membership / Lesson Fee

  • Annual Membership Fee:
    • 1,500 yen for Adults.
    • 1,000 yen for High School/Junior High School Students.
    • 500 yen for Kids (Elementary School Students).
  • Lesson Fee (each time):
    • 500 yen for Adults.
    • 400 yen for College and High School Students.
    • 300 yen for Junior High and Elementary School Students.
  • Lesson Coupon (6 lessons):
    • 2,500 yen for Adults.
    • 2,000 yen for College and High School Students.
    • 1,500 yen for Junior High and Elementary School Students.

Dogi / Aikido Wear

We request members to wear Dogi in lesson (If it is white, Judogi or Karate Gi is also OK).
For those who dose not have it, we are offering a set of Dogi at discounted price (5,000 yen).


In addition to Membership Fee, we request all members to enroll insurance for injury.
Annual fee for insurance is 800 for Kids (Junior High and under), 1,850 for Adults (High School and over).